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Born and raised in Detroit, MI Brittany also known as Bee, has always had  a natural instinct to help people (especially women) but it wasn’t always clear on how to do so. At 31 years old she now realizes that her gift of helping people is her true passion and it  is packaged in using her own life experiences.

Bee served the City of Detroit as a Police Dispatcher for 4 years before her departure. She was a member of the Chiefs team C.O.R.E. (Committee On Race and Equality) where she served on the scribe team and the event coordinating team. She is the creator of the training workshop The B Team (Bridging The Gap, Boosting Morale and Building Unity) and was a supervisor candidate for 2020. In 2017 Bee created a women’s self-care and personal development group called iAm SuperWoman.

She studied Criminal Justice at Henry Ford Community College as well as Kentucky State University where she served on the Student Government Association and was awarded the Senator Of The Year award.  She plans to pursue a career in the field of Life Coaching and Stress Management. Her most recent endeavors include becoming a Michigan Notary, and a full time stay at home wife and mom.

In A Word With Bee; Finding Her, she uses her personal journal entries filled with real life experiences and her poems to create the story of her journey to 30. 

In a world where society and social media promotes perfection, A Word With Bee gives us examples of how it is ok not to be ok. In her book, Bee gives first hand insight on some her struggles as a young woman and how she overcame them. Be it pressure from society, the daily struggles of motherhood, or even depression, Bee helps us to understand that our experiences makes us who we are today. If you’re feeling lost, stuck, overwhelmed or if you just need a bit of motivation, then you need to have A Word With Bee. 

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